Music Makes Me Fly

Aviasales’ mobile app features ‘tunes & travel’ service, since music is a go-to inspiration for ⅓ of users.

New study reveals that one-third of users are looking for tour dates to fly out for a gig of a favourite artist. Aviasales researched 100,000 users to identify emerging travel trends and it turned out music indeed makes us fly.   

Following the demand, Aviasales added a new feature to its mobile app. It allows tracking the tour dates to buy a bundle of plane and show tickets with just a few clicks.

UX is easy to navigate through. Having even the rough dates of the vacation, a user can get the list of related events. Relevancy comes from media libraries connected to a streaming service. The application relies on personal preferences and playlists.

This seamless user experience was made possible through the collaboration with VK, one of Europe’s largest social media platform. VK data helps to analyze a playlist and create a personalized travel map. Later playlists from Spotify and Apple Music will be supported. 

Andrey Kapitanov, Head of Music on VKontakte says:

“For more than a decade, many of us have been saving our favourite tracks to VK. Therefore, VKontakte music is often not just a set of audio, but a whole archive of memories and emotions, a place where hundreds of 'those' songs are located. Hearing them live is a great reason to take a trip. Now it has become easier to organise”.

Konstantin Savchenko, Vice president of mobile products Aviasales adds:

“Both travel and music give strong emotions, and when you manage to combine it, you remember this for a long time. We wanted to make a service for planning such trips and, thanks to the partnership with the largest social platform in Russia, this became possible”.

VK regularly hosts premieres of singles and albums of a diverse range of artists. Many musicians publish new items on VK earlier than on other venues. The number of active paid subscriptions in the music sections exceeds 2.5 million.

Janis Dzenis

PR Director, Go Travel Un Limited

Yulia Domracheva

PR Manager, Go Travel Un Limited

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