Aviasales partners with a leading children’s cancer foundation in Russia to fight oncological and blood illnesses

Charity foundation Gift of Life with the support from Russia's top travel search engine Aviasales introduces a mobile application that already raises more than a half million rubles a month.

A distinctive feature of the application is gamified interaction with users. The donation makes it possible to paint over one of the elements of the drawing made by the wards of the foundation. Thus, regularly transferring money, the user gets access to the whole gallery of works.

Every month the fund accumulates more than a half million rubles only through the application. This amount is enough, for example, to buy needed medicines for 39 children participating in Gift of Life programs.

Another important innovation was the connection of the application to modern payment processing systems. Since the launch, the share of donations through Google Pay and Apple Pay has steadily increased by 30% per month. It is more convenient for users to transfer money in a couple of clicks than to look for alternative methods like a bank transfer.

“Fundraising is one of the main tasks. However, two years ago, we noticed how the number of payments through traditional channels was decreasing. SMS donations are morally obsolete, and filling out bank fields on the site is tiring if you get used to one-touch payments. People wrote about this in reviews and analytics showed the same. In 2018, fees via a service number fell by 20%, and in the first quarter of 2019 the decline was already 43%,” says Vera Shergova, director of Gift of Life foundation.

With Apple Pay and Google Pay, donations increased by 20% and the number of transactions increased by 30% per month. While maintaining growth rates and competent implementation of the project, therefore the fund will be able to collect 18 million rubles a year.

“We have been keeping an eye of the foundation’s uncompromising fight against children's oncological and haematological diseases for a long time. As part of the partnership, Aviasales shared the technological expertise that enabled the company to become the leading online service for travelers from Russia and the CIS. The growth in the number of donations and interaction statistics with the redesigned interface indicates that we are on the right track,”  adds Max Krainov, CEO of Aviasales.

Specialists from CleverPumpkin mobile app development studio, responsible for technical implementation and product support, were also involved in the project.

Gift of Life's app is already available on the App Store and Google Play.

The foundation was created on November 26, 2006, by Russian movie and theatre stars Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova. Charity foundation Podari Zhizn helps children, adolescents and young adults up to the age of 25 suffering from various forms of cancer, severe blood disorders and some other life-threatening diseases.

Main tasks are as follows:

  • To raise money for the treatment and rehabilitation of children with cancer and severe blood diseases
  • To help the oncology and haematology hospitals that treat children and young adults
  • To increase the public awareness of problems faced by seriously ill children
  • To promote the voluntary unpaid blood donor movement
  • To provide social and psychological aid to the ill children
  • To develop the work of volunteer groups at medical centres dealing with paediatric oncohaematology.

Currently, about 1,000 children and young adults from 7 federal and city clinics, located in Moscow and Moscow region, as well as children from more than 40 regional clinics, are in the care of the foundation.

Юлия Домрачева

PR-менеджер, Aviasales

Янис Дзенис

PR-директор, Aviasales

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